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What is SDMX?

The name stands for “Statistical Data and Metadata Exchange” refers to an international cooperation initiative aimed at developing and employing more efficient processes for exchange and sharing of statistical data and metadata among international organizations and their member countries.

Please refer to Brief Introduction to SDMX for the full introduction document.

For further information, please visit SDMX web site.

Comtrade SDMX
1. Comtrade uses SDMX cross-sectional format version 1.0.
2. Each commodity classification has a specific Key Family. Therefore, there are 6 key families: for HS2002, HS1996, HS1992, SITC Rev.3, SITC Rev.2, and SITC Rev.1 Download the all key families here.
3. Explanatory notes are integrated with Comtrade SDMX.
4. This is a beta version. The SDMX structure can be modified.
5. Comtrade Web Services are under the development and testing. With web services, trade data transfer and synchronization will be simplified.

How to read SDMX
SDMX is a text file which is readable by any text editors. A converter is required, in order to convert SDMX into CSV format.

Users can download data in SDMX format using the direct download feature. Comtrade Batch is not able to generate data in SDMX format.


intro to sdmx.pdf intro to sdmx.pdf (81.00 KB, 7.5K views) (737.00 KB, 11K views)
Comtrade SDMX.ppt Comtrade SDMX.ppt (178.00 KB, 6.4K views)

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