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How to use "Batch Processing" feature in UN Comtrade

How to use "Batch Processing" feature in UN Comtrade?

As a site license user, you are able to utilize the "batch processing" feature of UN Comtrade.  The "batch processing" feature allows you to submit your query directly to the server, and allows it to be executed in the background (unattended download). Once the extraction is complete, you will be notified via email  and you will be provided a link to download the file (compressed using ZIP format).

To use this batch feature, you must supply your email address.

Users submitting many batch jobs in a short period may have some of their jobs processed during low-usage periods.


1) Verify that you are authenticated by the server by checking the Welcome Box in the front page:

2) Then, click on Account Info link to set up email address:

3) Type your email address and click update.  Your email will be saved as a cookie.

4) Go back to the front page and check the Welcome Box again.  You should be able to see your email address.

5) Then go to Basic/Express selection, you'll see a new button named "Submit to Batch Processing" at the bottom of the page.

6) Construct your query and click the "Submit to Batch Processing" button.

7) After this, you can wait for an email notification when the job has been completed, and/or view the status via the Batch Monitor link:

8) When done, you just need to click the provided hyperlink to download the file.

Note:  After step 4 and before submitting a batch query, you might want to customize your download format.

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