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Q: When downloading into EXCEL, the columns 'TRADE FLOW' and 'TRADE QTY' are NOT downloaded. Thus, the problem we face is that once data is downloaded from Comtrade, and as this data is not provided, we are unsure of what info we are looking at in terms of whether it is imports/exports, etc. Nor are we able to get details of 'TRADE QTY' where the 'NET WEIGHT' is NOT in Kg.

In the past, we were able to download these columns with the rest of the data but in the last few months this has not been possible. This extends our time in downloading as we have to separate downloads for import/export, etc. However, we cannot overcome the problem of a missing 'TRADE QTY' column (where relevant).

Interestingly, the same info shown on the monitor screen provides details for both of these columns that we are unable to download into EXCEL.

Please advise how we can solve this problem or kindly direct this email to the relevant person/section within Comtrade for a response.

A: By default, Comtrade will give you the trade quantity and the quantity unit. However, this download format can be overriden (see menu Customize Download Format under My Comtrade).

I can suggest going to Customize Download Format, clicking the button "Back to Default" and try your request again.

If you still encounter the issue, you can email us at

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