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UN Comtrade Reference Tables

Reference tables
UN Comtrade Reference Tables​
Trade FLow (Regime) Codes
1 Imports
2 Exports
3 Re-Exports
4 Re-Imports
WCO/UN Comtrade Supplementary Quantity Units
In addition to net weight, all detailed UN Comtrade data also have supplementary quantity units. These units of measurement are based on the standards of quantity recommended by the World Customs Organization (WCO):
UN Comtrade Code WCO Abbreviation Description
1 - No quantity
2 m2 Area in square meters
3 1000 kWh Electrical energy in thousands of kilowatt-hours
4 m Length in meters
5 u Number of items
6 2u Number of pairs
7 l Volume in liters
8 kg Weight in kilograms
9 1000u Thousand of items
10 U (jeu/pack) Number of packages
11 12u Dozen of items
12 m3 Volume in cubic meters
13 carat Weight in carats
Commodity and Country
You can download the references for commodities (HS or SITC versions) and countries in Microsoft Excel , TXT , Microsoft Access formats from the attached zip files.

For the HS code description, see
Please note that the following are the variable descriptions for the commodities files:
CmdCode: Commodity code
CmdDesc: Commodity description
IsLeaf: Basic code without children
Parentcode: High level of that commodity code
pfDesc: Commodity classification
PfCode: Commodity classification code
yr: Year
rtCode Reporter Code
ptCode: Partner Code
qtCode: Quantity code
H5=2017, H4=2012, H3=HS2007, H2=HS2002, H1=HS1996, H0=1992, S4=SITC.4, S3=SITC.3, S2=SITC.2, S1=SITC.1, BE=BEC

The following are the variable descriptions for country files:
Cty Code: Country code
Cty Name English: Country name in English
Cty Fullname English: Country full name in English
Cty Abbrevation: Country name abbreviated
Cty Comments: Applicable comments regarding country
ISO2-digit Alpha: ISO 2 digit alpha code
ISO3-digit Alpha: ISO 3 digit alpha code
Start Valid Year: Year starting for country code validation
End Valid Year: Year ending for country code validation

For all country code and name, see or


UN Comtrade Country List.xls UN Comtrade Country List.xls (81.00 KB, 14.2K views)
WCOrecommendedunitXLS.rar WCOrecommendedunitXLS.rar (308.00 KB, 3.4K views)
WCOrecommendedunitTXT.rar WCOrecommendedunitTXT.rar (49.00 KB, 1.8K views)
WCOrecommendedunitMDB.rar WCOrecommendedunitMDB.rar (103.00 KB, 1.7K views)
Commodity Classifications.rar Commodity Classifications.rar (1,006.00 KB, 6.3K views)
Recommendation of CCC.pdf Recommendation of CCC.pdf (3.00 MB, 7.9K views)

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