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National Compilation and Reporting Practices on IMTS

Metadata of countries (national practices)
National Compilation and Reporting Practices on IMTS

This site provides the 2006 and 1996 national compilation and reporting practices (NCDP) survey results in International Merchandise Trade Statistics (IMTS). Both NCDP surveys were conducted by the Trade Statistics Branch of the United Nations Statistics Division; the second NCDP survey was conducted in 2006 and the first NCDP survey was conducted between 1992 and 1995.

Both surveys cover the various IMTS conceptual aspects such as coverage, trade system, commodity classification, valuation, quantity measurement, partner country and reporting and dissemination as reflected in International Merchandise Trade Statistics: Concepts and Definitions, United Nations publications, Sales number: 98.XVII.16. In addition, the 2006 NCDP survey also contains detailed questions regarding institutional arrangements, data sources and data quality control.

Results of the 2006 and 1996 survey on national compilation and reporting practices on international merchandise trade statistics (IMTS) can be found at:

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