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Can Tourism Encourage Better Export Performance and Diversification in Nepal?

Jose Reis Gonzalo Varela 2013

Entering and successfully surviving in export markets is a costly process for firms. Key steps for success include learning about the existence of foreign demand, determining the production costs of exportable goods, building a high-quality reputation, succeeding in product branding to reduce competitive pressures, constant upgrading of quality standards to better serve demanding international clients, and remaining competitive with other players in the global marketplace. Drawing on the findings of recent research (Reis and Varela 2013), this note argues that tourism can help alleviate some of these costs by providing a relatively inexpensive platform for cost discovery and acting as a low-cost in-house trade fair, accessible to all domestic producers. more »

Internationalisation Monitor 2009

Statistics Netherlands 2009
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EThe growing internationalisation of the production of goods and services means that national economies are becoming more and more interconnected. This process of economic globalisation is characterised by increasing international trade and foreign direct investments, and by a growing role of multinational enterprises... more »

Internationalisation Monitor 2010

Statistics Netherlands 2010
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Globalisation has become a popular and much discussed topic over the past two decades. International developments have major implications particularly for a small and open economy like the Netherlands. The recent financial and economic crisis illustrates the role the international economy plays for the Netherlands... more »

Internationalisation Monitor 2011

Statistics Netherlands 2011
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Economic globalisation is characterised by increasing international trade, foreign investment and international outsourcing. For the Netherlands, this concerns activities by Dutch multinational firms abroad as well as foreign enterprises in the Netherlands. Not only do these cross-border activities have important economic consequences, they also raise a number of questions with respect to employment... more »