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21st Meeting of the Wiesbaden Group on Business Registers

International Roundtable on Business Survey Frames
Andreas Lindner Florian Eberth 2008

n the context of globalization, one of the main challenging development areas for external trade statistics is to link them more closely to other statistics. The linkage of trade statistics with business statistics allows to measure, on the one hand, the contribution of real economic sectors to trading, and on the other hand, to complement business data with detailed information on trade, which is traditionally not part of business statistics... more »

Bridging Trade Statistics with Business Statistics

Eurostat's experiences of register linkages
Eurostat 2008

Trade and business statistics are based on different concepts and classification, thus using them separately may provide incoherent basis for analysing the effects of external trade on production, employment and enterprises' performances… more »

Why buyers matter

Andrew B. Bernard Andreas Moxnes Karen-Helene Ulltveit-Moe 2013

Discussions of international trade often focus on aggregate trade flows, but it is firms that trade, not countries. This column presents evidence from Norwegian export data showing that larger exporters have more customers and greater dispersion in customer size. Moreover, exporters with many customers tend to sell to importers with few suppliers. These stylised facts are captured by a model in which finding a buyer is costly. The model’s prediction that export responses are amplified in destinations with less buyer dispersion is confirmed in the data. more »