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Automotive Industry Canada

A Global Value Chain Analysis
Timothy Sturgeon Johannes Van Biesebroeck Gary Gereffi 2007

The automotive industry is Canada’s most important manufacturing and export sector. In 2005, Canada’s automotive industry employed 7.7 percent of the manufacturing workforce and accounted for nearly a third of manufactured goods exports. Canada’s twelve high-volume final assembly plants directly employed more than 51,000 workers.More than two and a half million vehicles were produced, valued at $69.8 billion, of which nearly 85% was exported… more »

Global Value Chains in a Postcrisis World

A Development Perspective
Olivier Cattaneo Gary Gereffi Cornelia Staritz 2010
publication image

The global economic crisis of 2008–09 has revealed the interdependence of the world economy. The financial crisis originated in the United States, but the resulting economic downturn quickly spread to the rest of the world. Trade, along with finance, was one of the main vectors of transmission of the crisis. In 2009, there was a massive contraction in global trade—minus 13 percent. The contraction was largely a reflection of a drop in demand, especially for durable goods… more »