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21 March 2014
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High Level Forum on Official Statistics
UN Fundamental Principles of Official Statistics

3 March 2014, 3:00 - 6:00 pm
Conference Room 2 (CR-2)
Conference Building (CB)
United Nations, New York

The UN Fundamental Principles on Official Statistics, reaffirmed in 2013 by the Statistical Commission, were adopted by the General Assembly on 29 January 2014 (A/RES/68/261), introduced by H.E. Ambassador Csaba Körösi of Hungary and co-sponsored by 49 countries.  

Divided in two parts, this year's High Level Forum will mark the 20th anniversary of the UN Fundamental Principles of Official Statistics, adopted by the UN Statistical Commission in 1994, by highlighting moments throughout their history. Part I will focus on the genesis of the Principles, their initial adoption and the recent endorsement by the General Assembly. Part II will look at the Principles’ continued relevance as well as past, current and future challenges to their implementation.  

Organizer: United Nations Statistics Division (UNSD)

Moderated by:
Hermann Habermann

Part I: The First Two Decades
Video: “Serving Canadians: The Fundamental Principles of Official Statistics" (Statistics Canada)
Mr. Jean-Louis Bodin, Remarks
Mr. Carlo Malaguerra (by video)
Mr. Jozef Olenski (by video)
Mr. Carlos Jarque (by video)
Mr. Vijay Nair, President, International Statistical Institute (ISI) , Remarks
Ms. Gabriella Vukovich, Chair, UN Statistical Commission
Video: General Assembly endorses the Fundamental Principles
Stefan Schweinfest, Acting Director, UNSD

Part II: Beyond the General Assembly Resolution
Olav Ljones, Deputy Director General, Statistics Norway, Presentation, Paper
Iwan Sno, Director, General Bureau of Statistics, Suriname, Presentation, Paper
Babakar Fall, Directeur Général, Agence Nationale de la Statistique et de la Démographie, Senegal, Presentation, Paper
Marie Bohatá, Deputy Director General, Eurostat. Presentation