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Advancing the Global Statistical System- Major work areas and accomplishments
14 March 2013

UNSD-DFID Project Meeting with Project Countries

10:00am - 1:00 pm
24 February 2013, Sunday
Venue: DC2 - 1684
United Nations, New York

The UNSD-DFID project focuses on improving national and global data dissemination of national development indicators by assisting countries; to develop further the content and functionality of existing national databases; to acquire experience of using new technologies to exchange these information with national users and the international community (i.e. SDMX); and link this information to the UNSD’s CountryData portal (, part of UNdata, to further raise their availability and visibility.

In order to review progress, evaluate the project at its mid-point and discuss plans for the remainder of the project, project countries were invited to attend this project meeting.

United Nations Statistics Division (UNSD)
Meeting Programme/Agenda
Mr. Zoltan Nagy, Chief Office and Information Technology Section, United Nations Statistics Division
Mr. Abdulla Gozalov, Information Systems Officer, UNSD “UNSD – DFID project: Update for the 44th Session of the Statistical Commission”
Ms. Norah Madaya, Director of Statistical Coordination Services, UBOS “Improving the collation and dissemination of national development indicators in Uganda”
Ms. Malee Wongsaroje, Deputy Director General, NSO Thailand “UNSD-DFID Project: Project Progress in Thailand”
Mr. Dominique Habimana, Director of Statistical Methods, Research and Publication, NISR “UNSD-DFID Project on Improving the Collation, Availability and Dissemination of National Development Indicators, including MDGs: Rwanda”
Ms. Phonesaly Souksavath, Director General, Lao Statistics Bureau “Project implementation in Lao PDR”
Mr. Ian Rutherford, Project Manager UNSD-DFID Project “UNSD – DFID project: Future plans until June 2014”