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Advancing the Global Statistical System- Major work areas and accomplishments
February 2012

Seminar on:
Implementation of the SEEA: the measurement framework for the environment and its interactions with the economy

26 February 2012, 1:00 - 3:00 pm
Venue: Permanent Mission of the Kingdom of the Netherlands to the United Nations
235 East 45th Street, 16th Floor

United Nations, New York

(due to conference room capacity only 50 participants will be accommodated)

The System of Environmental-Economic Accounting Central Framework has been submitted to the UN Statistical Commission for its adoption as an international statistical standard. As a result, many countries have already expressed interest in implementing the SEEA. The Statistical Commission at its forty-second session in February 2011 requested the Committee of Experts on Environmental Economic Accounting (UNCEEA) to develop an implementation programme. The UNCEEA at its last meeting discussed a strategic view to implement the SEEA as well as a minimum set of tables and accounts that countries could start to implement and examples of how countries have undertaken an assessment and mapping of information available in various institutions.

The panel discussion will cover issues ranging from the institutional arrangements for the implementation of the SEEA, the practice in mapping and assessing existing information available in various institutions, the proposal for a minimum set of tables and accounts for countries to start working in the implementation, experience in promoting the accounts, what has worked and what has not worked, how to manage the high policy demand for ecosystem accounts and implementation at the sub-national level.

Organizer: United Nations Committee of Experts on Environmental-Economic Accounts (UNCEEA)
Presentations: Implementation of the SEEA, Peter Harper Implementation of the SEEA: the case of the Netherlands, Geert Bruinooge
Seminar Programme/Agenda
Peter Harper, Chair, UN Committee of Experts on Environmental-Economic Accounting
T.C.A. Anant, Chief Statistician, India
Geert Bruinooge, Deputy Director General, Statistics Netherlands
Heli Jeskanen-Sundström, Director-General, Statistics Finland
Pali Lehohla, Statistician-General Statistics, South Africa
Dennis Roberts, Director of Methodology Office for National Statistics, United Kingdom
Walter Radermacher, Chief Statistician, European Union