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Advancing the Global Statistical System- Major work areas and accomplishments
14 March 2012

National Quality Assurance Frameworks

27 February 2012, 9:30 - 11:00 a.m.

Conference Room B,
Temporary North Lawn
United Nations, New York

This Learning Centre, which will take place prior to the official discussion of national quality assurance frameworks at the Statistical Commission (agenda item 3j), will provide the opportunity for Statistical Commission participants to informally discuss, share experiences and become more familiar with country and agency initiatives and challenges in the development and use of selected quality frameworks, information and tools that are currently available to statistical agencies.

The template for a generic National Quality Assurance Framework (NQAF), recently developed by a Statistical Commission expert group, and the related guidelines, glossary, website and other supporting materials will be described. Additional presentations will focus on practical experiences and challenges in managing data quality at the country level, and approaches to quality and new and ongoing developments at the regional level.

Organizer: United Nations Statistics Division (UNSD)

Seminar Programme/Agenda
Overview of the work of the expert group on national quality assurance frameworks
Ms. Mary Jane Holupka and Ms. Iliana Vaca-Trigo, UN Statistics Division
The European Statistical System's approach to quality - the revised Code of Practice and the new Quality Assurance Framework
Ms. Marie Bohata, Eurostat
Quality developments in Colombia and Latin America
Mr. Jorge Bustamante Roldán and Mr. Daniel Rodríguez Rubiano, DANE, Colombia