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Advancing the Global Statistical System- Major work areas and accomplishments
20 February 2009

Seminar on Innovations in Official Statistics

United Nations, New York
Friday, 20 February 2009, Conference Room 3

10:00 am - 5:30 pm

The seminar on “Innovations in Official Statistics” is part of a series of one-day high level seminars dedicated to topics of great relevance for the global statistical community, which UNSD has been organizing for some years now on the Friday before the Statistical Commission session. The seminar is meant to provide a discussion forum for statistical managers to share experiences on how best to address the challenges of the constantly changing demands being placed on National Statistical Offices.

The seminar will be organized around 3 panel discussions focusing on the following specific themes: “Innovation in governance”, “Innovation in Data Collection and Management” and “Innovation in Data Dissemination. All participants of the forthcoming Statistical Commission session are cordially invited. An inter-active discussion is expected.

Chairpersons: Mr. Geoff Bascand, Government Statistician, Statistics New Zealand
                            Ms. Katherine K. Wallman, Chief Statistician, United States of America
Seminar Programme/Agenda
Seminar on Innovations in Official Statistics
Keynote Presentation
Innovations in Official Statistics
    Ms. Heli Jeskanen-Sundstrom, Director General, Statistics Finland
        Innovations in Official Statistics

Innovations in Data Management

    Mr. Keith Collins, Senior Vice President and Chief Technology Officer, SAS Institute
Panel Presentations
Session I: Innovations in Governance
   Mr. Mike Hughes, Director of National Statistics and Policy, ONS, United Kingdom
   Mr. Ben Kiregyera, Director, African Centre for Statistics, UNECA

   Ms. Jirawan Boonperm, Deputy Secretary General, NSO, Thailand

Session II: Innovations in Data Collection and Management
    Mr. Geert Bruinooge, Deputy Director General, Statistics Netherlands

    Mr. Geoff Bascand, Government Statistician, Statistics New Zealand

    Ms. Wong, Wee-Kim, Chief Statistician, Statistics Singapore
Session III: Innovations in Data Dissemination
    Mr. Thomas L. Mesenbourg, Jr., Acting Director, U.S. Census Bureau
    Mr. Eduardo Sojo Garza-Aldape, President, INEGI, Mexico
Contributed Country Papers
Australia Innovations in Official Statistics
Austria Methods of Register-based Census in Austria
Bangladesh Innovations in Official Statistics: Bangladesh Experience

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Congo Innovations des statistiques officielles
Cuba La experiencia de Cuba,
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Ireland Innovations in Official Statistics

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Liberia Innovations in Official Statistics - Liberia's Story
Lithuania Quality Management at Statisitcs Lithuania
Innovation in Data Dissemination - Process-Oriented Management of Customer Relations
Innovation in Data Collection and Management in Statistics Lithuania
Malaysia Innovation in Data Dissemination (Abstract), (Full report)
Nepal The Official Statistics in Nepal
New Zealand Statistics New Zealand's Data Collection Strategy - three case studies (Abstract), (Full report)
Netherlands Controlled and Secure Access to Micro data
Philippines Innovations in Official Statistics in the Philippine Statistical System (Abstract)
Singapore Innovations in Official Statistics for Singapore
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Sweden Innovations in official statistics at Statistics Sweden
United Kingdom Innovation in Disseminating Statistical Data - the ONS (UK) Data Visualisation Centre (Abstract), (Full report)
United States Multi-Cultural Outreach to Ethnic Farmers for the 2007 Census of Agriculture (Abstract), (Full report)
The DataWeb, DataFerrett, and HotReports: A New Census Bureau Framework (Abstract), (Full report)
Innovative Uses of Data Mining Techniques in the Production of Official Statistics (Abstract), (Full report)
OnTheMap An innovative mapping and reporting tool (Abstract), (Full report)