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Advancing the Global Statistical System- Major work areas and accomplishments
The Forum, organized by the UN Statistics Division, reflects on how the Statistical Commission has met the challenges it has faced in the past, as well as on how it will meet the challenges that lie ahead, in particular in reference to the impact of new and emerging information needs of the global environment on the global statistical system. The Forum features a high level panel composed of users and producers of statistics, who provides their views on how the global statistical system has evolved, the role of the Statistical Commission and the new challenges that the Commission has to face to move the global system forward.
CV: Brian Pink CV: Munir Sheik CV: Samia Zekaria CV: Oystein Olsen CV: Justin Lin CV: Kwame Sundaram Jomo CV: Steve Landefeld
High Level Forum Presentation Papers

J. Steven Landefeld
Bureau of Economic Analysis, USA
UN High Level Forum Opening Remarks

Rob Vos
Director, Development Policy Analysis Division,
Globalization and the Global Economic Crisis: The Role
of Official Statistics
Justin Lin
Senior Vice President and Chief Economist, The World Bank:
The Global Economic Crisis and the Role of Official
Øystein Olsen
Director General, Statistics Norway:
Globalization and Global Crisis:
Some issues on Climate Change

Samia Zekaria Director General, Central Statistical Agency, Ethiopia:
Globalization and Global Food Crises:  The Role of Official Statistics in African Context
Munir Sheikh
Chief Statistician, Statistics Canada:
Globalization and Global Crises:  The Role of Official Statistics
Brian Pink
Australian Statistician, Australian Bureau of Statistics:
Official Statistics and the Global Financial Crisis