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11 January 2008

Seminar on Use of Administrative Data Sources

United Nations, New York
Conference Room 3

Wednesday, 27 February 2008
1:45 pm -2:45 pm


To give an overview of the register-based statistical system.  
To support the use of administrative data in statistics production.  
  To promote the ECE-publication ”Register-based statistics in the Nordic countries -review of best practices with focus on population and social statistics.”  
  To brief on the IAOS Conference on “ Smart Data, Innovative Uses: Re-shaping Official Statistics.”  
Ms. Heli Jeskanen-Sundström, Statistics Finland  
1. General preconditions
(legislation, confidentiality, co-operation)
Ms. Hilkka Vihavainen, Statistics Finland
Finland Presentation
  2. Transition to the register-based statistical system - Experience of Slovenia
Ms. Irena Krizman, Statistical Office of the Republic of Slovenia
Slovenia Presentation
  3. Potential of the register-based statistics in Denmark
Mr. Karsten Stetkær, Statistics Denmark
Comments of the Regional Commission Mr Heinrich Brüngger, UN Economic Commission for Europe, UNECE  
UNECE Briefing on the IAOS Conference 2008 in Shanghai Mr. Olav Ljones, President of the International Association for Official Statistics, IAOS