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47th Session (2016)   Side Events

Measuring the contribution of Non-Profit institutions, the Social Economy, and Volunteering to the economy and well-being

  • Tuesday, 8 MAR 2016
  • 1:15 - 2:30pm
  • Conference Room 7 (CB)

Meeting organized by UNSD

This lunchtime seminar will seek input for a revised Handbook under development to bring the contribution of Non-Profit Institutions (NPI) and closely related institutions and activities variously termed the Third Sector, the Civil Society Sector, or the Social Economy to the economy and societal well-being into better view within the System of National Accounts.

This revised Handbook builds on the Handbook on Non-Profit Institutions in the System of National Accounts (2003 NPI Handbook) that the United Nations issued in 2003 to respond to the growing interest of statisticians, policy makers, and social scientists in measuring the contribution of NPIs to the economy and well-being. The 2003 NPI Handbook outlined an approach for creating a satellite account depicting all NPIs not controlled by government regardless of the institutional sector to which they are allocated in the core national accounts.

The 2003 NPI Handbook is currently being revised to incorporate changes in the underlying international economic accounting standards (notably the 2008 SNA and ISIC Rev 4), the experiences and country practices in implementing the 2003 NPI Handbook, and the growing interest in the contributions of cooperatives, mutual societies, and social enterprises.

The revised Handbook will also include measures to demonstrate the social impact of NPIs and related institutions and behaviors in a systematic comparative way, with particular emphasis on people-centered, inclusive, sustainable development outcomes.

The Center for Civil Society Studies at Johns Hopkins University is again leading this revision, under the auspices of the Inter Secretariat Working Group on National Accounts.

NPIs and related social economy institutions and volunteer activity constitute important partners of government in addressing community problems and fulfilling the 2030 development agenda. This side event will provide an opportunity for statistical officials to hear about, and comment on, the statistical guidelines being fashioned to boost the visibility of these institutions and activities to support governments to use the capabilities of NPIs. Highlights of the revised Handbook will be outlined by its senior contributor followed by a report on experience implementing the original NPI Handbook, and an explanation from the coordinator of an international network of civil society organizations about why the implementation of this NPI Handbook is so important.



  • Mr. Herman Smith, Chief, National Accounts Section, UNSD
  • Speakers:

  • Mr. Lester SalamonDirector, Johns Hopkins Center for Civil Society Studies
  • Ms. Helena Cordeiro Vice President, Statistics Portugal
  • Ms. Naiara Costa Advocacy Director, Beyond 2015

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