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Handbook on the Collection of Fertility and Mortality Data

Series: F, No. 92
Sales number: 03.XVII.11
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Price: $25

The Handbook on the Collection of Fertility and Mortality Data provides detailed information on available sources/methods to obtain these data and may be used to decide what combination will best suit national conditions to derive fertility and mortality indicators. Fertility and mortality statistics provide crucial data for social and economic planning and for informed decision making. For example, planning for the provision of maternal and child health services can only be accurate if data on expected numbers of births in future years are available. Similarly, the construction of schools and training of teachers must rely on expected numbers of students at different grade levels. Data on fertility and mortality are collected by several complementary sources: civil registration systems, population censuses and samples surveys. The appropriateness of different combinations of sources and methods is discussed in details, given different circumstances.

Handbook of Statistical Organization, Third Edition: The Operation and Organization of a Statistical Agency

Series: F, No. 88
Sales number: 03.XVII.7
Languages:Click for help [Arabic][Chinese][English]; Corr.[English][French][Spanish]
Price: $40

This Handbook deals with the fundamentals of national systems of official statistics: general principles, data collection and respondent policies, principles of organization and management, and dissemination guidelines. Key chapters discuss the structure of statistical systems, coordination tools, the chief statistician, users and their needs, developing a progress plan, managing staff, managing information technology, interacting with respondents, getting information to the users, confidentiality and disclosure. The intended audiences for the Handbook are chief statisticians and their colleagues, and those charged with oversight of the official statistics function. The third edition is a complete revision of the 1980 edition.[more...]

Handbook of National Accounting -- A Systems Approach to National Accounts Compilation

Series: F, No. 77
Sales number: 99.XVII.10
Languages:Click for help +[Arabic]; [Chinese]; [English]; [French]; +[Russian]; [Spanish]
Price: $20

This technical report is part of a series of national accounts handbooks in support of the implementation of the 1993 System of National Accounts (SNA). Its purpose is to facilitate a dialogue between users and producers on: (1) What is the national accounts system/framework that is appropriate for a country. (2) What mechanisms of basic data collection, estimation techniques, data processing etc. have to be set up to yield the desired result in the most effective manner.

Handbook on Civil Registration and Vital Statistics Systems: Management, Operation and Maintenance

Series: F, No. 72
Sales number: 98.XVII.11
Languages:Click for help [Arabic][Chinese][English][French][Russian][Spanish]
Price: $35

This Handbook provides guidance to countries for the improvement of their civil registration and vital statistics systems and background and specifications for developing and establishing civil registration and vital statistics systems in countries that do not yet have such systems in place. The Handbook deals with essential components of structure, management, operation and maintenance functions to handle the entire range of vital events-live births, deaths, foetal deaths, marriages and dissolutions of marriage- from the civil registration and the vital statistics perspectives. It also covers forms, data collection, record processing, storing and editing of information, issues of security, certificate issuing of vital records, the functional relations between the civil registration system and the vital statistics system, the legal and administrative requirements and the daily operational and maintenance activities to ensure completeness, timeliness and accuracy. The Handbook is one of a series of five prepared by the United Nations Statistics Division as part of the International Programme for Accelerating the Improvement of Civil Registration and Vital Statistics Systems launched in 1991.

Handbook of the International Comparison Programme

Series: F, No. 62
Sales number: 92.XVII.12
Languages:Click for help *[Arabic]*[Chinese]*[English][French]*[Russian]*[Spanish]
Price: $15

This publication is the first attempt in the 25-year history of the International Comparison Programme (ICP) to provide participating countries with practical instructions in a handbook format as to what tasks they should carry out in order to achieve a successful application of the general methods of international comparison of prices and volumes, and offers guidance for related country operations. It describes in detail the requirements of the expenditure data, item selection, and price collection. The procedures of price estimation and adjustments and the processing of basic data are also presented.

Handbook of Population and Housing Censuses, Part I, Planning, Organization and AdministrationPart I: Planning, Organization and Administration

Series: F, No. 54/PartI
Sales number: 92.XVII.8
Languages:Click for help *[Arabic]; *[Chinese]; *[English]; *[French]; *[Russian]; *[Spanish]

The census handbook of the United Nations for the World Programme on Population and Housing Censuses is in various parts, and is revised from time to time to reflect new developments and emerging issues in census-taking and national experiences in conducting the censuses each decade. This volume is concerned with the overall planning, organization, enumeration and post-enumeration work of the census, including administrative, management and logistical aspects of conducting a population and housing census. It is especially useful to officials in charge of large-scale data collection activities such as population, housing, agricultural censuses; household surveys and the like; and for students taking courses in demography and statistics.
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