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Guidelines on Integrated Economic Statistics

Series: F, No. 108
Sales number: 12.XVII.7
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The motivating source of developing guidance for the operational use of an integrated approach to economic statistics in national statistical programmes has been the benefits of integrated economic statistics for nationally and internationally coordinated economic policy. The methodological and practical guidelines in this publication respond to the recognized need for an integrated approach to increase the coherence and consistency of basic economic statistics for enhancing the quality and analytical value of both basic economic statistics and macroeconomic statistics.

The Guidelines build upon international standards manuals by describing principles and detailed practices for further increasing the consistency and coherence of economic data within countries, over time, and across countries. The role of the System of National Accounts as the integrating framework in economic statistics is emphasized and the full set of relevant conceptual, statistical production and institutional issues are addressed. The various statistical production components of integrated economic statistics are discussed ranging from the use of consistent definitions, classifications, questionnaires, sample frames, data sources and the use of consistent concepts and balancing techniques in national accounts to data dissemination. Issues that play an integral role in the institutional setting for integration, such as strategic planning, legislative framework, governance, human resources, process management, are also highlighted. The applicable practices vary across countries, therefore, practical advice for the reconciliation of economic statistics is covered for the entire spectrum of statistical agencies, from countries with centralized statistical systems that are able to control the entire production process to those with decentralized systems that must harmonize a wide array of data collected by different agencies.

The publication presents general methodological guidance for integration strategies and serves as a compendium of case studies and current existing practical examples covering a broad range of practical aspects and country experiences of the integration of economic statistics.

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