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International Recommendations for Distributive Trade Statistics 2008

Series: M, No. 89
Sales number: 08.XVII.26
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The International Recommendations for Distributive Trade Statistics 2008 (IRDTS 2008) provides the comprehensive methodological framework for collection and compilation of distributive trade statistics in all countries, irrespective of level of development of their statistical systems. The recommendations refer to the concepts, definitions, classifications, data sources, data compilation methods, approaches to data quality assessment, metadata and dissemination policies applicable in distributive trade statistics. Some specific topics identified as requiring additional guidance such as the treatment of informal sector units, compilation of indices of distributive trade, seasonal adjustment, etc. are also covered.

IRDTS 2008 is consistent with recommendation issued in other fields of economic statistics such as industrial statistics, construction statistics and other related domains of structural and short-term statistics, compilations of index numbers and performance indicators and moreover, has been harmonized with the System of National Accounts 2008 (2008 SNA).

The primary audience of this publication is the staff of national statistical offices involved in compilation of these statistics. IRDTS 2008 may also be of relevance to data users interested in better understanding the nature of distributive trade data.

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