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ECOWAS Poverty Profile

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The ECOWAS Poverty Profile is one of the outputs of the United Nations Development Account project "Strengthening statistical capacity building in support of the Millennium Development Goals in the region of the Economic Community of West African States", jointly carried out by the United Nations Statistics Division (UNSD) and the Commission of the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS), in collaboration with the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa (UNECA) and the national statistical offices of the ECOWAS member countries.
    In recent years there has been a growing demand for, and use of, poverty statistics in the ECOWAS region, as well as an increase in national capacity for using such data for country assessments and poverty reduction strategies. However, the scarcity of comparable statistics on poverty in the region has remained a critical area of concern in the ECOWAS Commission's efforts to harmonize statistics in the region. The capacity of NSOs to collect data on poverty on a regular basis varies from country to country, as do the methods of data collection and poverty measurement. This report, the first of its kind in the ECOWAS region, is an important step towards building harmonized poverty statistics in the region. The various country practices in data collection and poverty measurement provide a comparative frame within which individual countries can assess their own methodologies. Moreover, understanding how each of the countries in the region defines and measures poverty is a first step toward realizing the goal of more harmonised statistics in the region.
   This report is envisaged as a tool for sharing information on practices in poverty measurement in the ECOWAS region and as a reference guide for national statisticians, researchers, and policymakers. Beyond the inventory of country practices in data collection and poverty measurement, the report presents poverty profiles for each individual country, highlighting the main trends and patterns observed in the region. The ECOWAS Poverty Profile will be further enriched by the countries in the region as they overcome the challenge of regularly collecting, analysing, and disseminating comparable and quality data on poverty and poverty-related factors.

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