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Technical reference manual for the standardization of geographical names

Series: M, No. 87
Sales number: 07.XVII.5
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Price: $43

This manual of the United Nations Group of Experts on Geographical Names addresses technical issues regarding national standardization of geographical names and their use in geo-referenced digital databases. It includes detailed information on romanization systems, toponymic data coding, and country names. The first section provides details of romanization systems - for 28 languages/scripts recommended by the United Nations and 17 under discussion. The second section refers to toponymic data transfer standards and formats, providing tables of Roman characters used in different languages, and a draft toponymic data exchange standard. The third section tabulates country names (short and formal names) in the language(s) and writing systems used in an official capacity within each country. The manual is an up-to-date technical reference for those working with digital data and ISO standards, and forms a partner volume to the "Manual for the National Standardization of Geographical Names" published in 2006.


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