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National Accounts Statistics, Part 1, Main Aggregates and Detailed Tables, 1970-1997 (electronic files)

Series: , No. 1970-1997
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Price: $600

This database contains detailed time series of national accounts statistics according to the 1968 United Nations System of National Accounts (SNA68), comparable to the data published in the annual publication of National Accounts Statistics: Main Aggregates and Detailed Tables. The data are provided as ACCESS or ASCII files on CD-ROM. Documentation is provided for decoding the records. Coverage is not homogeneous among countries and tables but generally improves over time. Pricing for subsets of the database and years earlier than 1970 can be provided on request. More recent data up to 2001 is available by special request and extraction from the new SNA database based on the 1993 SNA questionnaire. It contains data compiled according to the 1993 SNA or 1968 SNA methodology (in case of the still large but decreasing number of countries which use 1968 SNA). For the main aggregates, the new 1993 SNA database contains recalculated data starting as early as 1950, which have been compiled through conversion of data from the historical database. The price for any such data is calculated based on the number of records. The minimum charge is $50. For further information, please contact E-mail:; Subject: National Accounts Official Data , Fax: 212-963-1374; Mail: United Nations Statistics Division, Room DC2-1510, 2 United Nations Plaza, New York, NY 10017. Shipping and handling charge for a CD is $6. The prices quoted are for data purchases for internal/research usage only. If data are intended for re-dissemination to third parties, the cost is five times the price quoted. For government agencies and international agencies a discount of 40% applies and for non-profit institutions, universities and students a discount of 20% applies.

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