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Improving Social Statistics in Developing Countries: Conceptual Framework and Methods

Series: F, No. 25
Sales number: 79.XVII.12
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In this technical report, part one, "Promoting the improvement of social statistics in developing countries", outlines a general strategy for the development and integration of social statistics programmes in developing countries. It is concerned primarily with the practical problems of organizing and implementing integrated programmes for improving social statistics. It examines the nature and purpose of social statistics, the rationale for a programme to improve them, the uses to which they can be put and the value of placing them in a co-ordinated general framework for integration, presented in part two. It suggests possible ways of developing practical and viable statistical operations to make social statistics more relevant, sufficient, timely and co-ordinated. Part two, "Framework for the integration of social and demographic statistics in developing countries", presents a conceptual outline and a discussion of technical methods for improving and integrating social, demographic and related economic statistics that may be feasible for developing countries to apply in the medium-term future, consonant with their statistical and social circumstances and priorities for improving the welfare and living conditions of their populations. The approach presented is one of step-by-step integration and systematization of social statistics and social indicators, fully integrated with the continuous development of the required basic statistics in social, demographic and related fields.------ Out of print.

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