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Recommendations for the 1983 World Programme of Industrial Statistics:Part One: General Statistics Objectives

Series: M, No. 71/Part One
Sales number: 81.XVII.11
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The 1983 World Programme of Industrial Statistics is the third in a series sponsored every 10 years by the Statistical Commission. The main function of the Programme is to encourage the orderly development of national inquiries into the structure and activity of the industrial sector. Such bench-mark inquiries are provided for in the international recommendations for the compilation of industrial statistics, and a 10-year interval between inquiries has been recommended by the Statistical Commission as an appropriate minimum frequency. Another function of the 1983 Programme is to guide national activity in industrial census-taking, with a view to broadening the scope and improving the comparability of the statistics on industry available at the international level. Both functions are ultimately directed at the improvement of the flow of information on industrial activity and structure as a means of accelerating economic and social development. Part one outlines the nature and content of a programme of national industrial inquiries developed from the international recommendations on industrial statistics. The introductory text describes the history and nature of the Programme and the role of the census and the annual inquiry in an integrated system of industrial statistics. Chapter I covers the scope, statistical unit, coverage, classification systems and reference period of the Programme. Chapter II includes proposals for the items of information that should be collected on each major subject and for the tables appearing in the census publication, with special emphasis on those needed for international comparisons.
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