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Comparisons of the System of National Accounts and the System of Balances of the National Economy, Part I: Conceptual Relationships

Series: F, No. 20, Part I
Sales number: 77.XVII.6
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This publication is part of a two part study of the relationships between the System of National Accounts (SNA), used in countries with market economies and the System of Balances of the National Economy (MPS), used in countries with centrally planned economies. Part one delineates the adjustments and steps required to convert the aggregates of SNA relating to the supply and disposition of goods and services and the incomes originating in production into the corresponding aggregates of MPS and vice versa. The scope of the conceptual framework and the amount of detail needed depend on the particular parts of the systems and on the aggregates and their subdivisions for which intersystem comparisons are considered meaningful. A series of tables shows the adjustments that need to be made for intersystem comparison and provide a basis for international reporting of data in terms of MPS concepts by countries using SNA and vice versa.------ Out of print.

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