The scanned copies of Statistical Yearbooks are available in this section back to the first issue from 1948. Over the past 60 years or more, while the Yearbook has remained a consistent reference book for statistical tables produced by international organisations, much has varied in terms of its frequency, contents and style. While the main dimensions of the statistical tables within its pages has remained constant, referring to statistics of countries and areas across time; the number and names of these countries and areas has changed, the types of statistics available at the international level has evolved and grown and so has the frequency at which many of these are measured. To make better sense of this changing history the following reference materials are recommended to users in interpreting these past issues:
  • 1. The list of past Yearbooks: this provides information on each Yearbook published in terms of the year referenced on the cover, publication year, data as at month/year and total page count. CSV
  • 2. The catalogue of past Yearbook tables: this provides information on every table published in a Yearbook in terms of the table names (as published/ classified), table numbers (as published/ as a unique id), page number within an issue, table category (as classified) CSV.
  • 3. The standard country or area codes for statistical use (M49 HTML): this standard documents the changes to countries and areas over time.
The scans were prepared with special thanks to the Digitization Team of the Dag Hammarskjöld Library, United Nations Department of Public Information.
For the Statistical Yearbooks of the League of Nations (1926 - 1944), thanks to the efforts of the Northwestern University Library scanned copies are also available online at their website (

Statistical Yearbook – Historic Covers

Statistical Yearbook - 59th Issue

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