The Statistical Yearbook provides in a single volume a comprehensive compilation of internationally available statistics on social and economic conditions and activities, at world, regional and national levels, for an appropriate historical period. It is prepared by the Statistics Division, Department of Economic and Social Affairs, of the United Nations Secretariat.

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Statistical Yearbook – 60th issue (2017 edition)

Browse contents:

  • Preface PDF
  • Explanatory notes PDF
  • Introduction PDF
  • Tables
    • 1. World statistics – selected series PDF
    • Part 1: Population and social statistics
      • Population and migration
        • 2. Population, surface area and density PDF XLS
        • 3. Population growth and indicators of fertility and mortality PDF XLS
        • 4. International migrants and refugees PDF XLS
      • Gender
        • 5. Proportion of seats held by women in national parliament PDF XLS
        • 6. Ratio of girls to boys in primary, secondary and tertiary education PDF XLS
      • Education
        • 7. Enrollment in primary, secondary and tertiary levels PDF XLS
        • 8. Teaching staff at the primary, secondary and tertiary levels PDF XLS
        • 9. Public expenditure on education PDF XLS
      • Health
        • 10. Health personnel PDF XLS
        • 11. Expenditure on health PDF XLS
      • Crime
        • 12. Intentional homicides and other crimes PDF XLS
    • Part 2: Economic activity
      • National accounts
        • 13. Gross domestic product and gross domestic product per capita PDF XLS
        • 14. Gross value added by kind of economic activity PDF XLS
      • Finance
        • 15. Balance of payments summary PDF XLS
        • 16. Exchange rates PDF XLS
      • Labour market
        • 17. Labour force participation rate and unemployment rate PDF XLS
        • 18. Employment by economic activity PDF XLS
      • Price and production indices
        • 19. Agricultural production indices PDF XLS
      • International merchandise trade
        • 20. Total imports, exports and balance of trade PDF XLS
        • 21. Major trading partners PDF XLS
    • Part 3: Energy, environment and infrastructure
      • Energy
        • 22. Production, trade and supply of energy PDF XLS
      • Environment
        • 23. Land PDF XLS
        • 24. Threatened species PDF XLS
        • 25. CO2 emission estimates PDF XLS
        • 26. Water supply and sanitation services PDF XLS
      • Science and technology
        • 27. Population employed in research and development (R&D) PDF XLS
        • 28. Gross domestic expenditure on research and development (R&D) PDF XLS
        • 29. Patents PDF XLS
      • International tourism and transport
        • 30. Tourist/visitor arrivals and tourism expenditure PDF XLS
        • 31. Civil aviation: scheduled airline traffic PDF XLS
      • Development assistance
        • 32. Net disbursements of official development assistance to recipients PDF XLS
        • 33. Net disbursements of official development assistance from donors PDF XLS
  • Annexes
    • Annex 1. Country and area nomenclature, regional and other groupings PDF XLS
    • Annex 2. Technical notes PDF
    • Annex 3. Conversion coefficients and factors PDF
    • Annex 4. Tables added, omitted and discontinued PDF


Most of the statistics presented in the Yearbook are extracted from more detailed, specialized databases prepared by the Statistics Division and by many other international statistical services.

While the specialized databases concentrate on monitoring topics and trends in particular social, economic and environmental fields, the Statistical Yearbook tables aim to provide data for a more comprehensive, overall description of social, economic and environmental structures, conditions, changes and activities.

The objective has been to collect, systematize, coordinate and present in a consistent way the most essential components of comparable statistical information which can give a broad picture of social, economic and environmental processes.


The content of the Statistical Yearbook is oriented to serve a general readership.

The Yearbook endeavours to provide information for various bodies of the United Nations system as well as for other international organizations, governments and non-governmental organizations, national statistical, economic and social policy bodies, scientific and educational institutions, libraries and the public.

Data published in the Statistical Yearbook may also be of interest to companies and enterprises and to agencies engaged in market research.