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    Methodological publications in statistics

How to use this database

To browse or view the content of the database, an entry in each of three fields must be selected:
(i) Organization: select either all organizations or one of the individual organizations in the drop-down list;
(ii) Subject: select either all subjects or one of the individual subjects in the drop-down list. The subjects shown in the list correspond to an alphabetical listing of those contained in the revised ACC Programmes Classification.
(iii) Work: select all work to see an alphabetical listing of both work in progress (listed according to project name) followed by a listing of all completed work (listed according to the title of the publication). Alternately, select work in progress to see an alphabetical listing of ongoing projects only, or select completed work to see only an alphabetical listing of publications issued by the organizations.
(The Search field should be left empty at this point if what is desired is a comprehensive listing of the organizations' work in all or one particular subject).
(iv) Click on Search.

Once the listing appears, to view more details on a particular entry in the list, click on the underlined text. To return to the main screen from any other screen, click on the Back button until the main page is reached, or on Search on the upper left side of the screen.

To search the database:
Searches can be performed from the main page only (if the page or screen that you are on does not contain the search field, click on Search to reach the opening page). To search the entire database, select all organizations, all subjects and all work, and enter the word(s) in the search box that you want to find. Narrower searches can be performed when an individual organization, subject and category of work is selected.
HINT: If a search fails when a specific subject is selected rather than all subjects, it is advisable to try again by selecting all subjects. This should be remembered by those users unfamiliar with the specifics of the ACC programmes classification by which all work has been classified.
Example: To search for entries pertaining to work on crime or criminal justice statistics, in this particular database the search will be successful only if the correct lowest level subject field has been selected. That is, if the subject "social and demographic statistics" is selected when performing the search for "criminal justice", even though criminal justice statistics is subsumed in the overall demographic and social statistics category, the entries will not be found since in the database they have been classified in the ACC classification category "other social, demographic and related statistics".

It should be remembered that the listings of all work is displayed on the screen in two parts: the first set of records to appear alphabetically in the listing will be those for projects or work in progress, followed by an alphabetical listing of publication titles from the completed work part of the database.

Please keep in mind that this global integrated presentation of the work of the international organizations in statistical methodology is itself a work in progress. The information contained in the database will be updated and revised as time goes by and more information becomes available.

If you have further questions, please feel free to contact:
Mr. Vladimir Demidov
for questions on software)
Phone: (212) 963-4551

or Ms. Francesca Coullare
for questions or comments regarding the contents of the database)
Phone: (212) 963-4950