Quarterly Gross Domestic Product, Early Estimates and Non-Observed Economy

Courses for the National Accounts


Macroeconomic and Financial Management Institute of Eastern and Southern Africa (MEFMI)


Basic to intermediate




Five weeks - once or twice a year. Normally a course covers only one of the four topics.

Material content

1) Quarterly national accounts 2) Early estimates of GDP 3) Projections of GDP 4) Non-observed economy The MEFMI course material is intended as bridging documents to the more comprehensive international recommendations and other handbooks exploring these topics. They are not meant to replace the latter but to render them more easily accessible. The MEFMI course material is sometimes supplemented with relevant material from international handbooks.

Target audience

MEFMI countries: 1. NA compilers, middle to senior level, employed by agencies responsible for official national accounts data. 2. NA forecasters and NA users. Participants should have a degree in economics or statistics, or equivalent experience.


Provide basic but solid understanding in the four selected topics.

Skills acquired

For compilers: How to construct compilation systems for QNA, early estimators and non-observed economy. For forecasters: How to establish a basic forecasting system for transactions in goods and services. For users: To enhance ability to understand and analyze data.


  • English

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