Quarterly National Accounts

Courses for the National Accounts




Intermediate to advanced




Three weeks - once or twice a year.

Material content

1) The scope and role of Quarterly National Accounts (QNA) 2) Data sources for compiling quarterly GDP estimates (mainly using production and expenditure approaches) 3) Editing procedures and dealing with indicators 4) Benchmarking techniques for combining quarterly indicators with annual estimates 5) Seasonal adjustments 6) Price and volume measures. 7) Chain-linking techniques for compiling QNA time series 8) Early estimates of quarterly GDP 9) Specific QNA issues 10 Revision policy and dissemination practices

Target audience

Whole world: Compilers of national accounts statistics employed by agencies responsible for official national accounts data. Participants should have a degree in economics or statistics, or equivalent experience.


Provide knowledge in: 1) The main concepts and definitions of the 2008 SNA. 2) The compilation of GDP using the three different approaches. 3) Price and volume measures. 4) Importance of providing high-quality NA data to policy makers and business decision-makers.

Skills acquired

For compilers: How to construct and improve compilation system for the quarterly national accounts using benchmarking techniques and seasonal adjustments and including constant price calculations.


  • English

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