5 - 9 October 2020, Remote Meeting


List of Documents for the Meeting

Download all available papers and presentations (as of 8 October 2020)
Agenda PDF
Conclusions PDF
Reference Documents for the Meeting
RM1. Terms of Reference of the ISWGNA PDF
RM2. Report of the ISWGNA to the United Nations Statistical Commission at its 51st Session PDF
RM3. Supplement to the Report of the ISWGNA to the United Nations Statistical Commission at its 51st Session PDF
RM4. Decisions on National Accounts of the United Nations Statistics Commission at its 51st Session PDF
RM5. Update Procedure for the System of National Accounts Link
1. Introduction
  Working methods of the meeting
2. SNA update programme
  2.1 Review of the update issues, governance, timeline and funding PDF
SD2.1 Annotated list of SNA research issues PDF
SD2.2 BPM6 Update: Compendium of Research Issues Version 1.1 PDF
SD2.3 Coordination of the SNA revision and the BPM update PDF
SD2.4 2020/2021 Workplan for discussion PDF
3. Communication
  3.1. Task team on Communication, short overview of work PDF
  3.2. Review of Macroeconomic accounting terminology PDF
  3.3. Compilers Hub PDF
4. Globalization and Financial and Payment Systems
  4.1. Task team on Globalization - short introduction PDF PDF
  4.2. Valuation of imports and exports (CIF-FOB adjustment) PDF PDF
  4.3. Definition of SPEs, economic presence and residency PDF PDF
  4.4. Treatment of MNEs and intra-MNE flows PDF PDF
  4.5. Treatment of Credit Default Swaps and Valuation of Debt Securities PDF
      4.5.1. Treatment of Credit Default Swaps: Classification by Type and Risk Category PDF
      4.5.2. Valuation of Debt Securities at Both Market and Nominal Value PDF
SD4.1 Supporting document for items 4.3 and 4.4 PDF
5. Digitalization
  5.1. Task team on Digitalization - overview of progress of work
  5.2. Framework for a satellite account on the digital economy PDF
  5.3. Recording of data and valuation of free digital assets and services
      5.3.1. Recording and valuation of data in National Accounts PDF PDF
      5.3.2. Treatment of free digital assets and services PDF PDF
  5.4. The recording of crypto assets PDF PDF
  5.5. Price and volume measurement of goods and services affected by digitalisation PDF PDF
SD5.1 Supporting document for item 5.3 PDF
6. Wellbeing and sustainability
  6.1. Task team on Wellbeing and sustainability - short introduction PDF
  6.2. Accounting for Economic Ownership and Depletion of Natural Resources PDF PDF
  6.3. Accounting for Biological Resources PDF PDF
  6.4. Emission Permits: the atmosphere as an asset PDF PDF
  6.5. A Broader Framework for Wellbeing and Sustainability in the System of National Accounts PDF PDF
  6.6. Distributions of Household Income, Consumption, Saving and Wealth PDF PDF
  6.7. Unpaid Household Service Work PDF XLSX PDF
  6.8. Health and social conditions PDF PDF
Background Documents
BD1. Islamic Finance in the National Accounts and External Sector Statistics PDF
BD2. Reviewing the boundary between valuables and financial assets in SNA 2008 in the light of Bitcoin and similar crypto-assets and the UK experience of non-monetary gold PDF