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Updated on 15 June, 2006

Classification of Statistical Activities

Coordination of statistical activities among the United Nations agencies follows the United Nations System Programmes Classification. The Classification was adopted by the United Nations System Administrative Committee on Coordination's Subcommittee on Statistical Activities in 1999.

The entry in parentheses (after each item at the lowest level of classification) refers to the corresponding element in the classification adopted by the United Nations Conference of European Statisticians for use in the integrated presentation of statistical programmes of the Economic Commission for Europe (ECE), the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) and the Statistical Office of the European Union (EUROSTAT).

030 General statistics

031 Demographic and social statistics

1. Demographic statistics (4.11)

2. Population statistics

i. Population censuses (4.5)

ii. Statistics on population groups of special interest (4.14)

3. Housing statistics

i. Housing censuses (4.5)

i. Other housing statistics (4.12)

4. Labour statistics (4.10)

5. Education and training statistics (4.8)

6. Culture statistics including mass communication (4.9)

7. Statistics of household income and expenditure and their distribution (4.13)

8. Social security statistics (4.xx)

9. Health statistics (4.6)

10. Gender statistics (4.2)

11. Other social, demographic and related statistics (4.xx)

032 Economic statistics

1. National accounts (3.1)

2. Agriculture statistics (3.10)

3. Forestry and fishery statistics (3.10)

4. Industrial statistics (3.11)

5. Energy statistics (3.12)

6. Distributive trade statistics (3.5)

7. International trade statistics

i. Trade in goods (3.3)

ii. Trade in services (3.6)

8. Transport statistics (3.4)

9. Communication statistics (3.4)

10. Tourism statistics (3.7)

11. Statistics of services not included elsewhere (3.8)

12. Money, finance and insurance statistics (3.2)

13. Fiscal statistics (3.2)

14. Balance of payments statistics (3.2)

15. Prices statistics (3.9)

16. Statistics of science, technology and patents (3.13)

17. Other economic statistics (3.xx)

033 Natural resources and environment statistics

1. Natural resources and environment statistics (5.1 and 5.3)

2. Natural resources and environment accounting (5.2)

3. Meteorology statistics (5.xx)

034 Activities not classified by field

1. Organization and operation of statistical services (1)

2. Technical infrastructure and other cross-cutting issues (2)

3. Dissemination and support for secretariat activities (6)

4. Other activities not classified by field (x.xx)