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Survey Data on Household Finance and Consumption

Valid fromJan-09

Previous versionsN/A
DescriptionThe first part of the paper provides a brief survey of the recent literature that employs survey data on household finance and consumption. Given the breadth of the topic, it focuses on issues that are particularly relevant for policy, namely: i) wealth effects on consumption, ii) housing prices and household indebtedness, iii) retirement income, consumption and pension reforms, iv) access to credit and credit constraints, v) fi nancial innovation, consumption smoothing and portfolio selection and vi) wealth inequality. The second part uses concrete examples to summarise how results from such surveys feed into policy-making within the central banks that already conduct such surveys.
Maintenance organization European Central Bank (ECB)
Statistical domains 4.3.3 Household surveys
Type of standardMethodologies and Procedures
Languages English
Information last updated28/10/11