Statistical Data and Metadata Exchange - Health Domain (SDMX-HD)

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Valid from10/08/2010
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DescriptionThe SDMX-HD incorporates public health requirements into an instance of the SDMX standard. Explicit support for common and custom attributes is included to facilitate implementation of cross-domain codelists and codelists which may not be harmonized. This facilitates indicator and codelist harmonization at the international level and local customization in-country as harmonization processes mature. The SDMX-HD has been implemented in the open-access WHO Indicator and Measurement Registry (IMR) to support development of these processes.
Maintenance organization World Health Organization (WHO)
Statistical domain(s) 4 Methodology of data collection, processing, dissemination and analysis
Type of standardConcepts and Definitions
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Languages English
Information last updated18/08/11