Standard Country or Area Codes for Statistical Use (M49)

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Versionn/a (no version numbers maintained since 1998 due to continuous updating)
Valid fromn/a (continuously updated)
Previous versionsM49 (1969) M49 Rev.1 (1975) M49 Rev.2 (1982) M49 Rev.3 (1996) M49 Rev.4 (1998) - (includes ongoing updates)
DescriptionThe classification provides a list of names of countries or areas, each with a unique three-digit numerical code to be used as a common reference for statistical processing purposes and international coding system to facilitate the standardization of country/area data processing and transmission.

It is used primarily for statistical processing purposes but through the years has now been used in conjunction with ISO-3166 (3 digit alpha codes) as basis for assignment of internet addresses (URL domains), customs and passport processing and other purposes outside statistical compiling and computing applications.

The classification is linked to the ISO 3166 alpha codes.
Maintenance organization United Nations Statistics Division (UNSD)
Statistical domains4.2 Classifications
Type of standardClassifications
Languages English, French
Information last updated23/08/11