Benchmark Definition of Foreign Direct Investment (BMD)

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Version4th edition (BMD4)
Valid from2008
Previous versions1983, 1992 (2nd edition), 1996 (3rd edition)
DescriptionThe OECD Benchmark Definition of Foreign Direct Investment, 4th edition -2008 (BMD4) includes internationally agreed set of standard recommendations on how to compile and measure foreign direct investment (FDI) activity in accordance with general economic concepts and accounting principles set by the System of National Accounts (2008). Underlying concepts and definitions that apply to cross-border investments are fully in line with those set by the IMF Balance of Payments and International Investment Position Manual, 6th edition. These standards introduce new reporting techniques for financial measures of direct investment taking into account the impact of globalisation and changing financing models of multinational enterprises (MNE). It devotes, for the first time, a chapter on economic activities of MNEs as well as a chapter on the uses of FDI statistics; BMD4 serves several objectives by providing (i) a single point of reference for compilers and users of FDI statistics; (ii) clear guidance for individual countries compiling FDI statistics as they develop or change their statistical systems; (iii) international standards for FDI taking into account the effects of globalisation; (iv) the basis for economic analysis, especially for international comparisons and for identifying national deviations from the standard that impact on the comparison; (v) practical guidance to users of direct investment statistics including the relationship of FDI to other measures of globalisation; and (vi) an objective basis for measuring methodological differences that may exist between national statistics that need to be taken into account both for cross-country and industry analysis of FDI.
Maintenance organization Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD)
Statistical domains 3.3.4 Globalisation
Type of standardConcepts and Definitions
Languages English, French, Russian, Spanish
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