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Methodological Guide for Developing Producer Price Indices for Services

Valid from2005
Previous versions
DescriptionThe aim of this guide is to aid countries to develop producer price indices for ‘business services’, i.e., those services that are mainly aimed at uses other than household consumption. The guide is intended to complement the PPI Manual, which discusses index theory and provides general guidelines to be applied in different steps in the compilation of price indices. In addition, many business services differ from “typical” products and require individual discussion. Also, the methods used to achieve constant quality pricing are often complex and dependent on the particular service industry and product. It was for all these reasons that a separate guide to measuring services producer price indices has been developed.
Maintenance organization Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD)
Statistical domains 2.7 Prices
Type of standardConcepts and Definitions
Languages English
Information last updated28/10/11