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Inventory of International Statistical Standards

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Measuring Capital

Valid from2009
Previous versions2001
DescriptionThe measurement of consumption of fixed capital remains a key reason for capital measurement but two additional objectives have increasingly gained in importance: establishing balance sheets for economic sectors and measuring capital services for the analysis of production and productivity. The main objective of the 2009 Manual is to deal with these additional objectives and to present an integrated and consistent approach towards capital measurement that encompasses different measures of capital stocks (gross, net and productive stock) alongside with the relevant measures of economic flows (investment, depreciation and capital services).
Maintenance organization Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD)
Statistical domains 2.1 Macroeconomic statistics, 2.2 Economic accounts, 3.3 Multi-domain statistics and indicators
Type of standardMethodologies and Procedures
Languages English, French, Spanish
Information last updated16/08/11