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Industrial Statistics: Guideline and Methodology

Valid from2010
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DescriptionTechnical cooperation with National Statistical Offices in developing countries has been one of the key tasks of UNIDO Statistics since 1979, when the organization launched its activities in industrial statistics. This UNIDO publication is intended to serve as a handbook for statisticians involved in the regular industrial statistics programmes of NSOs or line ministries. It describes the statistical methods related to the major stages of industrial statistics operations. The publication also includes a chapter on practical guidelines for sample design for industrial surveys. A separate chapter is dedicated to the short-term indicators of industrial statistics, including the construction of indices of industrial production from the monthly survey data. A description of the Prima software for integrating production and producer price indices is provided as well. Concepts and methods described in the publication are based on recent UN recommendations and standards, and on best national practices related to industrial statistics.
Maintenance organization United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO)
Statistical domain(s) 2.4.3 Mining, manufacturing, construction
Type of standardMethodologies and Procedures
Languages English
Information last updated18/08/11