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Handbook on Securities Statistics

Valid from01/09/2010
Previous versionsN/A
DescriptionThe aim of the Handbook is to assist national and international agencies in the production of relevant, coherent and internationally comparable securities statistics for use in monetary policy formulation and financial stability analysis. The Handbook is the first publication of its kind dealing exclusively with the conceptual framework for the compilation and presentation of securities statistics. As such, it directly addresses one of the recommendations endorsed by the Ministers of Finance and Central Bank Governors of the Group of Twenty Economies (G20) concerning the need to fill data gaps and to strengthen data collection. Recommendation 7 of the report The Financial Crisis and Information Gaps, prepared by the Financial Stability Board (FSB) Secretariat and IMF staff, called on central banks and, where relevant, statistical offices, particularly those of the G20 economies, to participate in BIS data collection on securities and to contribute to the further development of the Handbook.
Maintenance organization Bank for International Settlements (BIS), European Central Bank (ECB), International Monetary Fund (IMF)
Statistical domains 2.4.6 Banking, insurance, financial statistics
Type of standardMethodologies and Procedures
ReferencesPart 1: Debt Securities Issue
Part 2: Debt Securities Holdings
Languages English
Information last updated25/10/11