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Inventory of International Statistical Standards

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ECB Statistics Quality Framework and quality assurance procedures

Valid from01/04/2008
Previous versionsN/A
DescriptionFor the ECB, adhering to high quality standards is a key factor in maintaining public trust in the ECB statistics upon which policy decisions are based. Therefore, since the start of Economic and Monetary Union the ECB has emphasised key aspects of statistical quality, such as relevance, accuracy, reliability, timeliness, consistency, cost-effectiveness, non-excessive burden on reporting agents and statistical confidentiality.

The ECB Statistics Quality Framework (SQF) sets forth the main quality principles and elements guiding the production of ECB statistics. It serves to ensure that ECB statistics remain fit for use by the ECB, its decision-making bodies and other ESCB users, as well as users outside the ESCB, such as financial market analysts, journalists and the general public. The SQF is a statement of intent, although most elements are already fully reflected in current practices.
Maintenance organization European Central Bank (ECB)
Statistical domains 5.3 Quality frameworks and measurement of performance of statistical systems and offices
Type of standardMethodologies and Procedures
Languages English
Information last updated25/10/11