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Common Metadata Framework

Valid from2009
Previous versions
DescriptionThe Common Metadata Framework is published online, and is divided into four parts, each of which concentrates on different practical and theoretical aspects of statistical metadata systems, and provides vital knowledge for anyone working with statistical metadata: Part A - Statistical Metadata in a Corporate Context - Describes the issues surrounding management and governance of statistical metadata system projects. Part B - Metadata Concepts, Standards, Models and Registries - Clarifies the importance of well-defined, standard terminology. Provides information about relevant concepts, international standards and models. Part C - Metadata and the Statistical Business Process - Information, best practices and other material, to assist metadata developers in statistical organizations to design and develop a statistical information system that is relevant to business requirements. Part D - Implementation - Focuses on the experiences of national and international statistical organizations that have recently implemented or re-engineered their statistical metadata systems.
Maintenance organization United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE)
Statistical domain(s) 4.1 Metadata
Type of standardMethodologies and Procedures
Languages English, Part A also available in Russian
Information last updated24/08/11