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Classification of the Purposes of Non-Profit Institutions Serving Households (COPNI)

Version(no version numbering system; current version is of 1999)
Valid from1999
Previous versions
DescriptionThe main use of COPNI is to classify expenditures by NPISHs in a manner consistent with the purposes of the individual consumption expenditures of households and general government in order to obtain the 1993 SNA aggregate of actual final consumption of households (or actual individual consumption).

COPNI can also be used to facilitate international comparisons of the activities of NPISHs. In many countries, activities of these institutions are an important complement to government activities in respect of supplying education, health and social protection services to the population. In some countries, NPISHs are also becoming prominent in non-traditional areas such as environmental protection, the protection of human rights and the defence of minority groups. COPNI identifies these newer purposes as well as more traditional ones such as provision of health and education services.
Maintenance organization United Nations Statistics Division (UNSD)
Statistical domains2.1 Macroeconomic statistics, 3.4 Yearbooks and similar compendia, 4.2 Classifications
Type of standardClassifications
Languages Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Russian, Spanish
Information last updated23/08/11