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Inventory of International Statistical Standards

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Classification of International Statistical Activities

Based on the October 2009 version of the Database of International Statistical Activities in the UNECE region (DISA)

Domain 1: Demographic and social statistics

1.1Population and migration
1.5Income and consumption
1.6Social protection
1.7Human settlements and housing
1.8Justice and crime
1.10Political and other community activities

Domain 2: Economic statistics

2.1Macroeconomic statistics
2.2Economic accounts
2.3Business statistics
2.4Sectoral statistics
2.4.1    Agriculture, forestry, fisheries
2.4.2    Energy
2.4.3    Mining, manufacturing, construction
2.4.4    Transport
2.4.5    Tourism
2.4.6    Banking, insurance, financial statistics
2.5Government finance fiscal and public sector statistics
2.6International trade and balance of payments
2.8Labour cost
2.9Science, technology and innovation

Domain 3: Environment and multi-domain statistics

3.2Regional and small area statistics
3.3Multi-domain statistics and indicators
3.3.1    Living conditions, poverty and cross-cutting social issues
3.3.2    Gender and special population groups
3.3.3    Information society
3.3.4    Globalisation
3.3.5    Indicators related to the Millennium Development Goals
3.3.6    Sustainable development
3.3.7    Entrepreneurship
3.4Yearbooks and similar compendia

Domain 4: Methodology of data collection, processing, dissemination and analysis

4.3Data sources
4.3.1    Population and housing censuses; registers of population, dwellings and buildings
4.3.2    Business and agricultural censuses and registers
4.3.3    Household surveys
4.3.4    Business and agricultural surveys
4.3.5    Other administrative sources
4.4Data editing and data linkage
4.5Dissemination, data warehousing
4.6Statistical confidentiality and disclosure protection
4.7Data analysis

Domain 5: Strategic and managerial issues of official statistics

5.1Institutional frameworks and principles; role and organisation of official statistics
5.2Statistical programmes; coordination within statistical systems
5.3Quality frameworks and measurement of performance of statistical systems and offices
5.4Management and development of human resources
5.5Management and development of technological resources (including standards for electronic data exchange and data sharing)
5.6Coordination of international statistical work
5.7Technical cooperation and capacity building