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Classification of Individual Consumption According to Purpose (COICOP)

Version(no version numbering system; current version is of 1999)
Valid from1999
Previous versions
DescriptionCOICOP is an integral part of the 1993 SNA, but it is also intended for use in three other statistical areas: household budget surveys, consumer price indices and international comparisons of gross domestic product (GDP) and its component expenditures. For all these uses, the basic COICOP classification will need to be made more detailed by further subdivision of the classes, but there are clear advantages, in terms of comparability between countries and between statistics in these different areas, if the basic structure of COICOP is maintained. It must be recognized, however, that COICOP follows the concepts and definitions of the 1993 SNA and these are not necessarily appropriate for other applications. For example, in household budget surveys it is not practical to ask households for expenditure on insurance service charges as required by COICOP, and in consumer price indices some countries may include interest on housing loans which is excluded from COICOP.

The purposes defined in COICOP are based on the classifications of consumer expenditures which national statistical offices have developed for their own use to serve a variety of analytic applications. Although COICOP is not strictly linked to any particular model of consumer behaviour, the classification is designed to broadly reflect differences in income elasticities.
Maintenance organization United Nations Statistics Division (UNSD)
Statistical domains 2.7 Prices, 3.4 Yearbooks and similar compendia, 4.2 Classifications
Type of standardClassifications
Languages Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Russian, Spanish
Information last updated23/08/11