Supporting developing countries measure progress towards achieving a Green Economy
United Nations Development Account project 2014-2015


This page shows documents that are relevant for project and provide an overview of work carried out by other organizations and countries in the field of green economy and indicator development.

Integrating resource efficiency, greening of industrial production and green industries – scoping of and recommendations for effective indicatorsEcologic (2012) application/pdf
iGrowGreenEurostat (2011) application/pdf
Smarter, greener, more inclusive? Indicators to support the Europe 2020 strategyEurostat (2013) application/pdf
Global Strategy to improve Agricultural and Rural StatisticsFAO (2010) application/pdf
Payments for environmental services within the context of the green economyFAO (2010) application/pdf
Agriculture, Forestry and Other Land Use Emissions by Sources and Removals by Sinks - 1990-2011 AnalysisFAO (2014) application/pdf
QuestionnaireFAO (2014) application/pdf
Moving towards a Common Approach on Green Growth IndicatorsGGKP (2013) application/pdf
Working towards sustainable development-opportunities for decent work and social inclusion in a green economyILO (2012) application/pdf
Towards green growth - indicatorsOECD (2011) application/pdf
Towards green growth - summary for policy makersOECD (2011) application/pdf
Green Growth IndicatorsOECD (2014) application/pdf
International Recommendations for Industrial StatisticsUnited Nations (2008) application/pdf
International Recommendations for Energy StatisticsUnited Nations (2011) application/pdf
A guidebook to the Green EconomyUnited Nations (2012) application/pdf
Statistics and indicators for the post-2015 development agendaUnited Nations (2013) application/pdf
FDESUnited Nations (2014) application/pdf
Framework and suggested indicators to measure sustainable developmentUNECE et al (2013) application/pdf
Conference of European Statisticians Recommendations on Measuring Sustainable DevelopmentUNECE (2014) application/pdf
Driving a Green Economy Through Public Finance and Fiscal Policy ReformUNEP (2010) application/pdf
ILAC Regional Indicators Revision 2011UNEP (2011) application/pdf
Towards a Green Economy-Pathways to Sustainable Development and Poverty EradicationUNEP (2011) application/pdf
Measuring Progress towards an Inclusive Green EconomyUNEP (2012) application/pdf
Development strategies of selected LAC countries and the green economy approach_Comparative AnalysisUNEP (2013) application/pdf
A Guidance Manual for Green Economy IndicatorsUNEP (2014) application/pdf
Using Indicators for Green Economy PolicymakingUNEP (2014) application/pdf
Green Growth IndicatorsUNESCAP (2013) application/pdf
Enterprise Level Indicators for Resource Productivity and Pollution IntensityUNIDO (2010) application/pdf
World Development Indicators 2014WB (2014) application/pdf