Supporting developing countries measure progress towards achieving a Green Economy
United Nations Development Account project 2014-2015

The overall goal of the project is to strengthen national statistical systems in developing countries to enable them to effectively produce statistical indicators on green economy and green growth in the context of sustainable development.
The project aims to strengthen green economy and sustainable development indicators and its underlying statistics, recognizing the importance of high quality statistics and their effective use in promoting evidence-based socio-economic policies and achieving internationally agreed goals.
The project is being delivered through a set of activities organized in three phases. Broadly, the project begins with an assessment phase which will identify policy priorities and goals in pilot countries related to green economy and sustainable development, characterizing statistical operations (data collection and compilation activities), as well as the current availability of statistics. The second phase will be based on the achievement of technical assistance missions and workshops to train countries in the application of relevant components of existing frameworks and methodological and instrumental recommendations. In addition, it will also work on identifying subject areas where additional measurement improvements are required, defining indicator sets to inform on green economy/green growth issues on a regional basis and helping countries to develop strategies for producing the required data. The third phase includes the systematization and sharing of knowledge and experience, results and instruments among countries in both Asia and Latin America and Caribbean.
The project will provide technical assistance and training to National Statistical Offices, Ministries of Environment and other relevant bodies in 8 pilot countries, promoting coordinated work and development of sets of indicators that are identified as priorities in each pilot country. The Development Account project provides direct technical assistance to the pilot countries of the project, but includes a wider range of countries in regional workshops that are being carried out in both regions. The list below shows the regional workshops that have been conducted (or will soon be conducted). The list of documents is available for each of these meetings by following the link.

Current Meetings / Workshops

Regional closing workshop in Quito, Ecuador, 23-26 February 2016
Regional closing workshop in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, 29 March-1 April 2016

Project documents

Project synthesis
Background document
Reference list of indicators