Reconciliation of work and family life

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Table II.9

From gender issues to gender statistics on reconciliation of work and family life: illustrative examples

Policy-relevant questions Data needed Sources of data
Do women and men spend the same amount of time caring for children? Is the total time spent on housework the same for women and for men? Time use by type of activity within and outside the System of National Accounts production boundary by sex and detailed activity. Time-use surveys.
Time-use module in household surveys, such as labour force surveys and living standards surveys.
Is it the man or the woman who is working part-time or not at all when the couple’s children are young? Employment status by sex and number of hours worked for both partners by number of children below a certain age. Labour force survey, living standards surveys and other multipurpose surveys.
What benefits are provided for pregnant women? If granted, what is the length of paternity leave and what are the related benefits? Qualitative information. Legislative and administrative records.
Are affordable childcare services available? Subjective assessment of availability of affordable formal childcare services in the community.

Enrolment in pre-primary education.
Community surveys.
Household surveys.

School administrative records.