Production of gender statistics

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The production of gender statistics concerns the entire national statistical system and covers data from different sources and statistical fields (Hedman, Perucci and Sundström, 1996). Gender statistics may be considered a field of statistics (see, for example, UNECE and World Bank Institute, 2010); however, the production of gender statistics should not be misunderstood as being limited to the compilation of sex-disaggregated statistics from various statistical fields and their dissemination in gender-focused publications, reports or databases. Similar to the obtention of other statistics produced by national statistical systems, the obtention of gender statistics involves such stages as planning, data collection, data analysis and dissemination. Obtaining reliable gender statistics that adequately reflect differences and inequalities in the situation of women and men in all areas of life requires a strategy of gender mainstreaming in all stages of data production. This means that gender is brought into the “mainstream” of all statistical activities, rather than dealt with as an “add-on” (United Nations, 2002).