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Global Forum on Gender Statistics

Accra, Ghana, 26-28 January 2009

  ESA/STAT/AC.168/L1 Final Work Programme
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  ESA/STAT/AC.168/L2 List of Participants
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  ESA/STAT/AC.168/L3 Final Report
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  ESA/STAT/AC.168/3 Opening Statement. Mr Paul Cheung, Director United Nations Statistics Division.
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  ESA/STAT/AC.168/7 The Relevance of Gender Statistics in Policy making in Liberia. Mr Jerolinmick Piah, Liberia.
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UNIFEM's advocacy strategies for Gender Statistics. Ms Maténin Coulibaly, UNIFEM Cote d'Ivoire.
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  ESA/STAT/AC.168/12 La experiencia en estadísticas de género en Paraguay. Ms Alicia Alvarez Alvarenga, Paraguay.
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  ESA/STAT/AC.168/13 High-level advocacy and legislation for gender statistics: The Italian experience. Ms Linda Laura Sabbadini and Ms Sara Demofonti, ISTAT, Italy.
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  ESA/STAT/AC.168/14 Statistical Policies and Related Mechanisms in Advancing Gender Statistics: The Philippine Experience. Ms Lina Castro, National Statistical Coordination Board, Philippines.
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Gender mainstreaming in government policies and statistics. Ms Lina Gálvez Muñoz, Universidad Pablo de Olavide, Spain.
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  ESA/STAT/AC.168/17 African Experiences on Capacity Building for the Production of Gender Statistics. Mr Dimitri Sanga, UN ECA.
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  ESA/STAT/AC.168/18 Capacity building in Central Asia and Eastern Europe. Ms Jessica Gardner and Mr Enrico Bisogno, UNECE.
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Monitoring progress towards gender equitable development, Ms Francesca Perucci, United Nations, New York.
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Gender Statistics Requirement for Monitoring in Ghana. Ghana Statistical Service and the National Development Planning Commission.
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Gender Statistics in PRSPs. Ms Sulekha Patel, The World Bank.
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A Framework for Integrating Gender into the PRSP and the MDG Reports: Experience in Cote d' Ivoire Mr Nouhoun Coulibaly, Cote d'Ivoire.
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The African Gender and  Development Index (AGDI): A framework to measure gender equality in Africa. Mr Souleymane Abdalla, ECA.
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  ESA/STAT/AC.168/24 Gender Indicators in Evidence-based Policymaking. Ms Neda Jafar, Statistics Division, ESCWA.


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  ESA/STAT/AC.168/26 Assessing Female Ownership of Fixed Assets in Nepal: A new Feature of the Population Census 2001. Ms Ganga Devi Dabadi, Central Bureau of Statistics, Nepal.
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Engendering Population Censuses. Ms Mylen Mahobe, National Statistics Office, Malawi.

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  ESA/STAT/AC.168/28 A Gender Perspective on the 2005 Census of Korea (R.O.K)
Focusing on “Economic Activity, and Living Expense of the Aged.” Mr Chang-ick Kang, Korea National Statistical Office, Republic of Korea.
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The Gender Perspective in IBGE's Brazilian Household Surveys and Censuses: Ms Lara Gama, Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics (IBGE), Brazil.
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  ESA/STAT/AC.168/30 Gender Perspective within Official Palestinian Statistics
Census 2007. Ms Enaia Zidan, Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics, Occupied Palestinian Territory.
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  ESA/STAT/AC.168/31 Engendering Agricultural Censuses – Experiences from Africa. Ms Diana Tempelman, FAO Regional Office for Africa, Accra, FAO.
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  ESA/STAT/AC.168/32 Incorporating Gender Perspective in National Census and Surveys. Ms Rosemary Uside Kongani, Kenya National Bureau of Statistics, Kenya.
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  ESA/STAT/AC.168/33 The Living Conditions Monitoring Survey. Ms Janet Ncheka Zulu, Central Statistics Office, Zambia.
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  ESA/STAT/AC.168/34 Measuring Labour Force Participation of Women in Denmark. Ms Annemette Lindhardt Olsen, Statistics Denmark, Denmark.
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  ESA/STAT/AC.168/35 Woman Participation in the Palestinian Labour Market. Ms Enaia Zidan, Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics, Occupied Palestinian Territory.
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  ESA/STAT/AC.168/36 Sur les voies de la contribution féminine : Quelle expérience pour le Burkina Faso? M Lonkila Moussa Zan, Institut National de la Statistique et de la Démographie(INSD), Burkina Faso.
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  ESA/STAT/AC.168/37 Measuring Labour Force Participation of Women in Uganda
Uganda country experience. Mr Ben Paul Mungyereza and Mr Richard Ndikuryayo, Uganda Bureau of Statistics, Uganda.
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Gender and Informal Employment in Zimbabwe. Ms. Lindiwe Ngwenya, CSO Zimbabwe; Ms Malte Luebker, International Labour Office (ILO).
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  ESA/STAT/AC.168/40 Jordanian Experience in Measuring Employment in the Informal Sector. Mr Ahmed Al-Budirate, Department of Statistics, The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan.
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  ESA/STAT/AC.168/41 Gender Dimensions of the Informal Sector and Informal Employment in India. Mr Satyabrata Chakrabarti, Central Statatistical Organization, India.
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  ESA/STAT/AC.168/42 Measuring Employment in the Informal Sector and Informal Employment Within Guyana. Ms Jacqueline Tull, Bureau of Statistics, Guyana.
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  ESA/STAT/AC.168/43 Measuring unpaid work in Tanzania. Ms Emilian Nestory Karugendo, National Bureau of Statistics, Tanzania.
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  ESA/STAT/AC.168/44 Collecting data on Care-giving and Unpaid work. Ms Heather Dryburgh, Statistics Canada, Canada.
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  ESA/STAT/AC.168/45 Unpaid Family Workers In Pakistan. Mr Khizar Hayat Khan, Population Census Organization, Pakistan.
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Time use study by gender in Europe, Spain and Andalucia: gender distribution of paid and unpaid work. Ms Paula Rodríguez Modroño, University Pablo de Olavide, Spain.
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Household satellite accounts on production and consumption of unpaid work services. Proposed methodology. Ms María Eugenia Gómez Luna, INEGI, Mexico.
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Efforts of the Philippine Statistical System on the Compilation of Gender Statistics. Mr Romulo A. Virola and Ms Jessamyn O. Encarnacion, National Statistical Coordination Board, Philippines.
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The Legal Basis for Producing Korean Gender Statistics. Mr Ki-Taek Jeon, Korean Women’s Development Institute, Republic of Korea.
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Engendering Agricultural Censuses: The case of Malawi. Ms Gunvor Iversen Moyo, Statistics Norway, Norway.
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  ESCAP background paper.
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  UNECE background paper.
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  Background doc from Angola.
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  Background doc from Lesotho.
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  Background paper from South Africa.
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  Background doc for paper 48.
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  Background doc1 for paper 39 (ILO-WP-90).
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  Background doc2 for paper 39 (ILO-WP-90).
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  Report of Global Forum on Gender Statistics, Italy 10-12 December 2007.
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